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Make your own Pre-Workout

Do you take Pre-workouts? Well, did you know you can create your own Pre-workout and feel like a chemist, save money, learn about ingredients and flow more blood in your veins for better pump?   It's not rocket science. Pre-workouts are mix of Amino-acids, pre-cursors, stimulants, extracts and bunch of minerals and few other stuffs.

Pre-workouts aim to increase blood flow in your veins so you can get better pump in your workout. In addition, delay the fatigue point mentally and physically.

Main ingredients are Beta Alanine (Can make you feel tingly), (Citrulline, Arginine, Ornithine and glutathione works together), Creatine, (Zinc, Magnesium), Taurine, (Caffeine,Tyrosine).

I found NOW products  to be fairy priced. They've been in  the market for quite a while. Find the dose you are happy with, mix them up together and smash those reps.  One thing don't forget i-smashitine :))   #feelthepump  


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